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Recycle your yard waste to be composted with Doug Weitzel Inc. in Fort Collins, CO. We will recycle your grass clippings, leaves, garden waste and branches at an affordable rate.

Recycling Services

  • Grass Clippings
  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Garden Waste
*Due to limited space, please call ahead to ensure we are accepting branches at this time

Why You Should Recycle Your Yard Waste

When yard waste is composted, it can be used as a natural soil amendment and plant food. When it is added to soil it helps compost to absorb excess rainwater, releases water to plants and slows runoff.
Leaves Recycle — Garden Waste in Fort Collins, CO

Compost Supports the Soil Food Web

Compost filters water and air as it flows through. This process helps to support plant roots and traps dangerous pollutants. One spoonful of healthy soil can contain millions of organisms that can aid in your plant's health. This includes:
  • Storing & recycling nutrients for plants
  • Keeping disease-causing organisms in check
  • Providing a pathway for water & air to pass
Recycle materials are priced by trash bag or cubic yard. Give us a call at 970-482-4983 to get our pricing information. *Please call ahead for information regarding branch recycle.